1. Bolzano

Cyclists make their own way to Bolzano. This bilingual city is an important centre for business and tourism and, above all, it stands as a cultural, historical and linguistic link between Italy and Germany.


2. Bolzano-Brunico-Dobbiaco (120 km, + 2,200 m, 6.30 h).

Private transfer in the morning to Corvara, the well-known ski resort in the Sella Ronda park. Here 4 passes await you, one after the other, ascents that have written the history of cycling and of champions like Coppi, Bartali, Merckx, Pantani and Contador.

Once you get to Corvara, having finished the Ronda, you drop down into Brunico and from here the final kilometres are easy on a marvellous cycle path to Dobbiaco.

Variant (80 km). Private transfer in the morning to Brunico, “the pearl of the Pusteria valley”. The bike stage takes you up to Badia valley, where the road levels out and you soon arrive at La Villa and Passo Valparola (a demanding 4 km). After a stretch of apparently flat ground that actually slopes slightly downhill and the last 10 km all uphill (up to 10% gradient over the last km), you ride down towards Passo Falzarego, then to Cortina and finally to Dobbiaco.

Ferri says:

the legendary mountain passes, the colour of the rock and the scents in the air make this a mystical place. The last part includes a lot of downhill route, so don’t be put off by the kilometres.


3. Dobbiaco-Cortina (100 km, + 2,500 m, 6 h).

With Dobbiaco behind you, you follow the cycle path along the Landro valley, at the foot of the three peaks of Lavaredo. A slightly uphill stretch brings you to Passo Cimabanche, then it’s down and southwards to Cortina d'Ampezzo and from here up again towards Passo Falzarego, a difference in altitude of 1,200 m over 17 km. Then there’s a fast downhill stretch to Colle Santa Lucia from where you pedal up His Majesty the Giau, a 1,000 m difference in altitude over 10 km, the last 3 through the most amazing scenery.

Variant (70 km, + 1,700 m, 4.30 h). Variant without Passo Falzarego: from Cortina you ride directly up to Passo Giau, 18 km uphill of which the last 10 are really challenging. You reach the top at 2,300 m and then return along the same road to Cortina.

Ferri says:

both itineraries are lovely and include Passo Giau, an ascent that is the unquestioned queen of the Dolomites. You really need 34–29… trust me!


4. Cortina-Belluno (100 km, + 2,500 m, 5.30 h).

From Cortina it’s up again to Passo Giau: from here, an extremely fast downhill ride with lots of hairpin bends towards Selva di Cadore, then up to Forcella Staulanza pass, 6 km with an 8% gradient and long straight stretches at first. From Forcella Staulanza, you ride down to Zoldo and Dont di Zoldo where the Passo Duran starts, with an initial 12% gradient which then eases up a bit, only to finish with a truly tough 8 km. Today’s stage finishes in Belluno with a 40 km downhill run.

Variant (80 km, + 1,000 m, 4.30 h). From Cortina a gentle downhill stretch to Venas di Cadore, where you start to climb towards Cibiana di Cadore, along Passo Cibiana (10 km, + 800 m). A fast descent takes you to Forno di Zoldo and Longarone, where you continue for Belluno.

Ferri says:

a stage included in the 2012 Giro d’Italia, here ridden in the opposite direction… which does not make it any easier, in fact this slope of Passo Duran will have your lungs and legs screaming! The landscape is spectacular with waterfalls, rocks and mountain birds for company.


5. Belluno-Valdobbiadene (100 km, + 1,800 m, 5 h).

From Belluno you pedal over slightly hilly terrain that recalls the Tuscan landscape and then arrive in Valdobbiadene, surrounded by the famous Prosecco vineyards. Today’s stretch takes you up to Passo San Boldo and Pianezze, two historic ascents for the professionals who train in these hills.  You might even meet Bruseghin, Pellizzotti, Ballan, Pozzato or many others and, why not, raise a glass of excellent Prosecco with them!

Variant (50 km, + 1,000 m, 3 h). You ride up and over Passo San Boldo and some of the Prosecco hills, heading directly towards Valdobbiadene.

Ferri says:

fascinating route for the two hill passes (I recommend a 34-25 gear ratio for the Pianezze pass). The beauty of this stretch is also its scenery, with field after field of grapes on the vine! Recharging your batteries with a good glass of wine is a must.


6. Valdobbiadene-Treviso (70 km, + 1,000 m, 3.30 h).

From Valdobbiadene you pedal south to the bridge over the Piave River, then up Montello on one of the many roads that lead to the top. After the descent you come to the Po valley and this takes you to Treviso, the city of water, at the confluence of the Sile and Botteniga Rivers. On the way you go through Maser, where you can admire Villa Barbaro, an jewel of architecture by Andrea Palladio.

Ferri says:

we have over thirty-three different asphalted ascents to choose from to climb this hill. The gradients often reach 10–12%, and even 18% at times. Cyclists that love hard work can have fun and try out more than one ascent, or you can pedal along the 13 km crest and quickly reach and visit the beautiful city of Treviso.


7. Treviso-Mestre-Venice (50 km, + 300 m, 2.30 h).

You leave Treviso and follow the Sile River to Casale. You come across the interesting Cimitero dei Burci (a "cemetery" of half-wrecked, sunken rafts and boats along the canal, a real paradise for water birds, plants and animals). In the end, Venice awaits you for an evening stroll along its canals and alleyways. You stay overnight in Mestre, but can book to stay in Venice, subject to a surcharge.

Ferri says:

enjoy your day in Venice, a city that is one of its kind in the world! But if you really must pedal, there are always the Asolo and Castelfranco hills and back.


8. Mestre-Venice.

After breakfast, end of services.



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Extra nights with breakfast in Venice: 90 € double room / 150 € single room



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